Saturday, 8 November 2008

Whale Music

Whales of the Pacific

Today I found charity shop gold in the form of Whales of the Pacific. I've been looking for whale music for ages and was over the moon to find it in a local Samaritans shop. The CD only has one track and is whale song with ambient synthesiser noodling in the background. It's very relaxing and conforms to the Brian Eno concept of ambiance that you only notice now and again. I think it's fantastic.


lazy said...

I play this to my little girl to go to sleep to:)Lazy

DJ Faceplant said...

Whale music is perfect for snoozing.

Anonymous said...

Whale music, It is just amazing. You feel like in peace. Also it is good to snoozing. I remember when Homer (Simpson) was doing whales sound when he was hungry when he worked in a nuclear submarine.

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