Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Cartoon Rave Ep

In 1991 the UK was traumatised by Rave exploding into the mainstream. Here are four examples of Rave tunes that sampled nostaglic TV samples and implied illegality.

1) A Trip To Trumpton - Shaft
2) Charley - The Prodigy
3) Sesame's Treat - Smart E's
4) Roobarb & Custard - Shaft

I would love to be able to include Summer's Magic by Mark Summers which sampled the Magic Roundabout but I don't think it was ever released on CD and so hasn't made it into the digital world. If I ever find it, I'll post it. Here it is in Youtube form:

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Robert Ferreira said...

If you're still after a copy of Summer's Magic by Mark Summers please email me and i'll send it to you.