Thursday, 30 October 2008


Krishnadasa - Radha Ramana Hari

If you chant this, your life will become sublime.

Música para tu alma

On the back it says, "The 70s was a time of consolidation as well as experimentation in the gritty urban world of Latin music - New York syle. Joe Cayre's Salsoul and Mericana labels were at the cutting edge of the burgeoning Latin scene, their successful combination of rootsy Cuban-style dance music and audacious Latin-jazz won them an audience out of all proportion to their modest profile. This album brings you the finest cuts from these seminal labels."
This was released in 1999 but the music is all from 1972-1977.

This Is Space Titanium

The music in the background of this track is completely the creation of Pojmasta who was at the forefront of classic mashup/glitch/bastard-pop which I was really into a few years ago. I stuck a load of samples in appropriate places from a few different Godzilla films.

I highly recomend which has loads of his original music and mixes.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Straight out of Ho Chi Min City.

This compilation of Vietnamese pop was found in a charity shop in Stockport. It's nice and mellow with lots of ballads.

I'd love to know how it ended up in Stockport.

Belle and Sebastian Summercase Mix

Chris Geddes (Beans) from Belle and Sebastian posted this mix on the band's website sometime ago. It's now gone so I thought I'd resurrect it. It's top quality (apart from the Bon Jovi bit) and "Sound of Da Police" by KRS One is freakin brilliant. It's based on the set he did at the Summercase festival in Spain in 2007.

Summercase Mix Fixed Link!

K-Pop - Driving Original Jelly

About a year ago I asked a Korean friend to make me a CD of some of the music he likes. He ended up giving me 2GB of music and it's taken me a while to digest it all. I've compiled a selection of songs from the ones he gave me.
The MC Sniper track is amazing and uses a really cool Rocky sample. The Magolpy song is a beautiful ballad and I found a video of it here. It's been interesting trying to work out who the artists were for each track since the data files I had were all in Korean and I don't speak a word.
Interestingly the SG of SG Wannabe stands for "Simon and Garfunkel" and the M.C. of M.C. the Max stands for "Moon Child" not "Master of Ceremonies" as you'd expect.

Music for Relaxing and Dreaming (60 Minutes of Symmetry)

A mix created by DJ Faceplant to spread ambience and tranquillity amongst humankind.

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Welcome to International Faceplant.