Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sounds from Momo's Kemia Bar

This album seems to have bizzarre origins being a free CD with a magazine with music that is published by a London restaurant. The selection of music is actually really good and is sort of thing you would expect to be played in the background of a fancy bar. It's a selection of laid back downtempo dance music with a slight hint of world music. Imagine Morcheeba crossed with Massive Attack relaxing in a jazz club wearing a Fez after returning from Morocco. This has been getting played a lot at Faceplant Mansions. I don't like the first track but the rest of the CD is excellent if played in the background while you're washing the dishes.

1. Woody Braun Feat. Allonymous - Finding Words Ain't Easy
2. Stephane Malca & Omar Faruk Tekbilek - In The Shade
3. El Payo Feat. Marga Nero - Andar No Ar Dub
4. Stephane Malca - Freedom
5. John M. Steed - Herb
6. Smadj Feat. Rokia Traore - Fatwords (Al West Remix)
7. El Payo Feat. Dele Sosimi - Gbegedegi
8. John M. Steed Feat. Gary Mudbone Cooper - Everything (Nicola Bulostin Funky Mix)
9. Stephane Malca - Jazz Beat
10. Woody Braun Feat. Allonymous - Finding Words Ain't Easy (Captain Comatose Mix)
11. Dele Sosimi Feat. Keziah Jones - Invisible Hands

Track 10 sounds like Mr Oizo's Flat Beat but in a low key Jazz-Funk Lounge sort of way.

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