Saturday, 29 November 2008

Ambient Spirit

Ambient Spirit - Earth

1. Catalonia - Pentatonik
2. Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb
3. Calapagos - Sunkings
4. Hashidity - Optica
5. Eleven Bars
6. Dirt - Key Processor
7. Butterfly Holocaust - Nuetron 9000
8. King Canary Galatic Jump Ride - Timeshard
9. What Might Have Been - As One
10. Olwana - Loop Guru
11. Elevator [13th Floor Mix] - U.V.X.

This compilation is a fantastic selection of 90's electronic ambient. This was released in 1999 by a label called Dressed to Kill which seems to have evaporated. They also released a four disc compilation called Amberdelic Space and this is exactly the same as the first disc. But no matter where this arrived from, it's an excellently relaxing and uplifting experience.

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