Monday, 10 November 2008

Monk Rock!

This is possibly the worst song ever recorded. It was not what I expected. I really like the Gouranga word-as-virus concept to spread happiness around the world and I'm always pleased whenever I see Gouranga stuck up somewhere. This band however have spoilt it all. Here are some snippets of reviews I've found for the whole album:

"It's just...weird"

"i was all like... yeah this is pretty sick... then the dude starts singin and then im all like.. dude, wtf is all this shizzle about? this definately aint the rizzle dizzle... "

"this nearly killed me"

"These monks should be ashamed of themselves"

I found the CD in a charity shop still wrapped in plastic. I was drawn to the back cover:

I haven't posted the entire album because I don't think it would be wise.

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