Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Sound of Trinidadian Sunsets

Best of Steeldrums

This album was released in 1994 and features the work of the Red Stripe Ebony Steelband. They are apparently the oldest and most popular steelband in the United Kingdom. They were founded in 1968 in London by five young men from Trinidad. They won awards throughout the period 1985 to 1989. According to the inner sleeve of the album, Billy Ocean is a long standing member of the Band who takes an active interest in the affairs and running of the group.

The album is mighty fine.
1. Island In The Sun
2. Somebody
3. Stay Up Zembabwe
4. Nani Wine
5. Wild Goose Chase
6. Free Up
7. Hadeed's Tune
8. Yellow Bird
9. Samba De Ophelia

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