Thursday, 6 November 2008

Punch the Monkey

Punch The Monkey - Lupin The Third Remixes

Lupin the Third is a Japanese manga character that has appeared in films, tv programs and computer games. A friend of mine brought this back from Japan years ago and I've recently rediscovered it. The music manages to be super cool, odd and bosa nova all at the same time. It's is mostly written by Japanese Jazz guru Yuji Ohno and remixed by a variety of different people on this compilation. It's called Punch the Monkey because the author of the original manga's nom de plume is Monkey Punch. No monkeys were hurt in the making of this post (well not that many anyway).

If you want to hear more of this there is an amazingly comprehensive Italian blog dedicated to Lupin the Third soundtracks here.

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dugg said...

holy doodle... this is some of the coolest music i have heard in years. thanks for putting this into my ears!
all the best,