Sunday, 20 September 2009

I Want To Die Like Jesus Christ

60 Minutes of Jangle Pop - A Faceplant Mixtape
The missing link between Post Punk and Shoegazing is Jangle Pop. Indie music is hard to subdivide into categories since it is such a dodgy label to begin with. With hindsight I think certain bands from the late eighties and early nineties share a certain jingle jangle sound that comes from the equipment they used and the way their records were produced. According to Wikipedia, Jangle Pop was all about bands emulating the sound of the Byrds but as far as I can tell it had sod all to do with them and was more a continuation of punk under the shadow of 80s industrial decline.

I've tried to encapsulate that jingle jangle sound in the songs I've squashed together. It's a bit like an indie disco run by leather clad shuffling amateurs with sub goth frissy hair. Brilliant!

More Jangle Pop can be found here: Jangle Pop Boutique or Take The Pills!


Sid said...

Thanks !!
I'm currently digging jangle pop, which seems like a minor musical genre but theres a lot of material once you start digging.
Anyways i'll have a listen at that mixtape.

Faceplant said...

Thanks Sid!