Saturday, 12 September 2009

Elle Cafe

1) South Froggies feat. Alan - Jazzion
2) Ultimate K feat. Deise Mikhail - K Dance
3) 2 Minds - So fine
4) Karkhabuz - Mandol
5) De Cambord feat. Miguel - Oh yeah!
6) Mandarina Dub - Syrenus odyssey
7) Aalfa - Rave Vox
8) Annaba - Binkerin
9) Boccador - Yebo
10) Pablo Heintz - Coffee shop

I'm really impressed with this compilation which I found in Oxfam. It dates from 2003 and is an excellent collection of downtempo, future jazz tracks put together by a Portuguese label called Difference. I'm not sure if it was given away by Elle magazine or not but it was well worh the £3.49 I paid for it. Strangely the 10 tracks are also half of another compilation called Alcantara Cafe released by the same label. The first track does contain the lyrics "Jazz sex in a freestyle nation" which is a bit odd but I could be hearing it wrong.

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