Saturday, 12 September 2009

Future Funk Phenomena from the Past

Mixmag Presents Planet Progressive Mised by Cass

1) Bad Company – Coma
2) Yunus – Nefes
3) Sound 5 - The Hacienda Must Be Rebuilt (Soul Mekanik Re-Edit)
4) Ben Shaw - So Strong (Sander Kleinenberg Mix)
5) Electroliners - Loose Caboose
6) Science Department - Breathe (Danny Howells Drifting Dub)
7) Jimmy Van M & Young American Primitive - Forget Time (Dub Mix)
8) Pollon - Lonely Planet
9) Loafer – Travelog
10) 2B - Trust Ur Receiver
11) Evolution - Crocodile Man

Free with Mixmag in 2001. On the inside sleeve it says:
What exactly is progressive? Is it a form of trance? Is it an offshoot of house? Or is it a deep tribal sound? Look up 'progressive' in the dictionary and you'll find that it means 'moving forward', 'modern' and 'without strict discipline'. And that's what this mix CD is all about. Cass (half of much vaunted production duo Cass & Slide) has put together a forward thinking collection that swaggers between genres with ease and reflects the scope of music you'll hear him play in his DJ sets all over the world, from Twickenham to Twilo. Welcome to Planet Progressive.

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