Thursday, 27 August 2009

This Is Techno CD Box Set - 1996

I found this in a charity shop about a year ago but after buying it I left it in the car for months where it ended up under the passenger seat. I've only just got round to listening to it and I've been quite impressed. The box had no details on but I've managed to work out the track listing.

This is Techno Free Bonus Mix

01 Fantasy Flight Hypnotic State (3:36)
02 Mantra (21) Progression (5:52)
03 De Force Tour (5:08)
04 Eclipse (23) Collision (6:04)
05 Mark Broom Time (6:06)
06 Underworld Dark & Long (Dark Train Mix) (8:59)

It was mixed by Colin Dale back in 1996 and it's like being on a magical preision engineered techno train made out of glo-sticks headed for Dusseldorf.

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