Friday, 19 December 2008

Classic House from 1987

In my opinion 1987 was probably the best year for music in the entire history of mankind. Before sampling was stomped on, technology enabled people to come up with brand new noises and combine them in original and ground shaking new combinations.

1) Face It (Club Version)- Master C & J (4:32)
2) House Nation (Serious Mix) - House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House (4:31)
3) Carino (Club Mix) - T-Coy (4:31)
4) Everything Bamboo (Club Version) - Lenny Dee & Tommy Musto (4:32)
5) Fantasize Me (Mega Mix) - Pleasure Pump (4:24)
6) Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) - Marshall Jefferson (4:30)
7) Hardcore (On The One) - Duane & Co. (4:29)
8) Jack The Groove (Hit Mix) - Raze (4:25)
9) This Brutal House (The Brutal Mix) - Nitro Deluxe (4:32)
10) It's All In Your Mind (This Mix) - Bamboo (4:21)
11) Do It Properly (Fierce Mix) - 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman And A Dominican (5:03)
12) Rok Da House (Remix) - The Beatmasters Featuring The Cookie Crew (4:21)
13) You Used To Hold Me (The Kenny "Jammin" Jason Mix) - Ralphi Rosario (4:20)
14) Can U Dance (Club Mix) - Kenny "Jammin" Jason (4:27)
15) Ma Foom Bay (Love Chant) - Cultural Vibe (4:32)
16) Doing It Properly Is XTC (Scoobie Swift Scratch Mix) - Denise Motto (4:36)

The tracks are hypnotic and really have the feel of an underground cultural force exploding from Chicago out into the mainstream. According to Discogs the tacks have been edited to fit on to a CD so despite saying "Full Length 12" Extended and Remixed Dance Versions" the tracks are all a bit shorter than they were on the original Serious Records LP or Tape compilations. They are, however, still amazing.


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